5 signs your website is silently killing sales

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Is having a website actually silently KILLING your progress as an entrepreneur? ☠️
This was a hard pill for me to swallow 💊

… I mean I started out designing websites from my dorm room 15 years ago… but >>> TRUTH PILL <<< sometimes a website is a distraction from your most impactful, meaningful activities…

Here are the top 5 signs that your website is silently killing your sales…

  1. you spend your marketing budget on your website
  2. your time and energy are eaten up trying to make changes or figure something out
  3. you hire someone to do SEO but they don’t get you results
  4. you are wondering why you aren’t getting any leads from it
  5. you’ve got dozens of domain names you want to use to launch your ideas

And your website ends up being the BIGGEST distraction, a source of burnout, disappointment, and loss of income… I am not exaggerating… thousands of businesses CLOSE every year and I would bet $10,000 right now that every single one of them made some massive digital marketing mistakes centered around their website

🔥 There are ONLY TWO things your marketing needs to achieve to get going as an entrepreneur 🔥
👉 Leads
👉 Conversions
((Without leads, no conversions, without conversions, no income… no business 😉 ))

So, you need a TOP of the funnel mechanism, and a BOTTOM of the funnel mechanism… everything else in the middle can be massaged out later… it should NEVER BE your first focus…

If you already have a website or are working on one, then there are only two things you need to do FIRST:

  1. Add a lead magnet front and center
  2. Make the sales conversion extremely simple

You can literally achieve this with ONE page. Once you have established some income, it’s time to make your website sing for you…

It can be a source of regular new leads, a nurturing tool, and converting machine if you do it right… in fact, it can be your #1 ally in bringing sustainable, evergreen growth year over year… like owning v renting.

If you want a guide to the key website activities proven to drive sustainable growth year over year, I can give you an attainable goal to work from… just request a complimentary goal-setting appointment here. I can point you in the right direction!

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