Have you paid for digital marketing but didn’t ROI?

Sorry, this is NOT the silver bullet you’ve been looking for…

Discover the not-so-secret “secret recipe” about your marketing that will stop you from bleeding cash, eliminate the stress and anxiety of indecision, and utilize all those incredible ideas swirling around that beautiful brain of yours… PLUS…

Get organic traffic naturally, without having to “hire an SEO”

Connect with the right audience so its not “just a numbers game”

Increase your profit margin without dramatically restructuring your business or doing a website redesign

Double your value and convert “leads” to long-lasting relationships

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GoBundance members, high-achieving entrepreneurs, growth-oriented business owners, and your neighbor…

If you’re like me, you’ve been running your business on empty for too long. You have a lot to be proud of, you’ve accomplished so much, and the best part is…

You’ve been able to help SO many people already. But it’s not enough, is it? You’ve only peaked the surface of what you can do, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg for the sheer number of people you can help.

But you can’t do it alone. Stop working in an endless cycle, a sea of sameness that never leads to real results.

A new customer here and there… but nothing sustainable. How are you ever going to get ahead and stop living from one new client to another?

Trust me, I’ve been there… it called being “comfortably uncomfortable.”

Maybe you are doing well, but how well can you really be doing if you aren’t getting ahead?

If you’ve spoken to me recently, knowing you need to make some changes in your marketing, but your response is “well, things are tight,” or “I really don’t want to put any more cash into it…” then something in your business is wrong…

But how do you know what’s wrong without hiring a “conversion expert” or retaining a coaching firm for $10,800? You may not realize it, but…

by doing nothing and trying to figure it out on your own you are costing yourself thousands of dollars already.

The good news is that you can identify the problems, learn simple and effective solutions, and get ahead in your business with just 5 simple steps…. so keep reading…

Because it gets deeper than that…

I know you are tired of being filled with self-doubt. And that lack of confidence is causing you to have indecision disease

And if it continues… that the legacy you’ve been working so hard to build will just *POOF* turn to dust… leaving nothing behind.

OK OK I know that’s pretty overdramatic…

But the truth is that you are not alone. As an entrepreneur myself, I have been there. It’s an easy trap to fall into because everybody wants to sell you something all the time. And with your experience and skill – you think you know what’s going to work. You already have tons of ideas and have experienced major growth wins in your career…

… so why aren’t your ideas turning into profit?

Le’s examine the reality of it…

… you are grabbing at straws, throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to get it to stick, and in the meantime pulling your hair out because…

>> you KNOW how much money your indecision is costing you

>> the longer you wait, the more cash you bleed

>> your losing ground and running out of time, and

>> the weaker and more exhausted you become

But what if you could fix all of your marketing problems at once, in one giant sweep…?

I’m not promising to fix ALL of your problems. That would just be ludicrous and then you would just be buying into another “silver bullet” marketing scheme that is basically like being promised a unicorn. I’m not promising you a unicorn.

The thing is, you need to be freed from this syndrome so that you can CREATE, work towards your vision, and keep doing what you do best…

>> Creating new products

>> Educating your industry

>> Leading your team

You can feel confident again and gain the momentum you’ve been looking for. Remember, you are the only one who can own up and make your dream happen. Nobody, I repeat, nobody, can do this for you.

You can take control of your marketing, your team, and your vision, so you can share your message and affect change while also building a sustainable, unwavering business. Feel invigorated and excited about your business, while easily implementing what you know works for years to come…



In 45 days, you will…

Know and Identify your problem areas and create a strengths grader that identifies where you need the most growth.

How to fully identify and understand your audience like you never have before

Clarify your message and create a more powerful and engaging brand.

Identify the perfect product offerings with strategic marketing and sales techniques to sell more while building a sustainable business.

Learn to double your value and organize your content so you can produce content that gets you more website traffic and engagement.

So, that’s $5,490 worth of training that will change your business for only… $3499 $1,749CLAIM YOUR SPOT

100 money back guarantee

Hey, I’m Jen Bailey

Don’t you think most marketing is meaningless… filled with empty promises… its only job is to bring in new traffic, new leads, and **hopefully** new customers?

I’ve met far too many entrepreneurs and business owners who are literally stuck in what they are doing because …

1. They’ve done it one way for sooo long and they can’t see the bigger picture

2. They’ve tried hiring an SEO, purchasing a website redesign, or hiring a Facebook Ads firm

What they don’t realize is that it’s already right there… they just have to unlock it…


That’s why I’ve drawn a line in the sand, and I’ve learned that marketing can do so much more than reach business goals and build profit.

The not-so-secret “secret recipe” in this program gives business owners the fire and soul they need to reach the right people, set the groundwork for sustainable relationships, and offer true value to the people on both the giving and receiving ends of marketing.

>> stop bleeding cash

>> eliminate the stress and anxiety of indecision

>> have total clarity in your marketing

If it’s time for your business to grow up, own up, so you can take control of your future, and reclaim your marketing, this is the right place for you.



No matter how long you’ve been in business, no matter how much experience you have… stop allowing ineffective marketing to hurt your profit.


is your message and brand aligned and in focus with your values? Is it reaching and supporting the right people?


Do you have the right systems and processes in place to make it work and properly deploy it?


Is it being fulfilled and launched in a way that your customers can rely on you, without gaps or holes?


There are a lot of programs out there that make big guarantees…. “multiple your profit by 3x”… “instantly gain new customers”… “ROI in 30 days or less”…

I’m going to take a big risk here… and not guarantee anything.

The only person that is responsible for your success is you. When you invest in your business, you are making a commitment to yourself. Nobody else can do that for you!!

But what I will promise you is this…

If you get through this entire program and don’t feel like it was worth your investment and time, I will give you 100% of your money back. It’s that simple.

What holds water but has lots of holes? A sponge. A sponge can do that. Your business can’t.

Take action now and stop losing customers and money.


Here’s what it includes…

Here’s everything you’ll learn in this powerful

45-day program…

Set yourself up for success from day one by creating identifying and tracking your strengths against your problem areas with our strengths grader tool

Deeply understand your customer, their needs and what their journey looks like and reach perfect audience calibration

Create a marketing stack™ relationship-based content strategy that will be the pillar of all of your marketing strategies.

Build a marketing strategy profit playbook with clear, concise, and consistent action steps to create quick momentum and sustainable growth… and have everything you need in your arsenal to execute a winning strategy starting immediately.

Customize your tech stack and stop screwing around and wasting time with tech! Nail down the stack you need to be successful.


100 money back guarantee (seriously, no risk here…)


Stop overpaying for underwhelming digital marketing that doesn’t covert.

This is the growth breakthrough that will create clarity for you and your team…

Implement the foundation that you need for effective, efficient, and consistent digital marketing that utilizes existing assets and converts relationships instead of transactions.

If you are like most entrepreneurs…

Your ideas get lost in the total chaos of the digital marketing world. You lose sight of your vision, your goals, and sometimes even who you are because you are so heavily focused is on systematic transactions and marketing assets, instead of focusing on creating new products, educating your industry, and leading your team.

But there’s an even harsher reality that you may not even realize…

Your business is losing more money than you think. And the longer you stay where you’re at, the worse it could get.

You’ve probably focused on…

A website redesign…

Search engine optimization…

Facebook ads and lead magnets…

Hiring a “conversion expert”

While most businesses benefit a little from traditional digital marketing… you can stabilize real growth by…

Fully identifying and understanding your audience like never before

Expanding your product offerings to engage customers earlier and longer

Clarifying your message to reach the right people at the right time

Building solid, sustainable relationships before and after the sale

Your business can come to its full potential. You already have high expectations of yourself, and its time for your marketing to gain the momentum you’ve been looking for.

Remember, you are the only one who can own up and make your dream happen. Nobody, absolutely nobody, can make that decision for you…