Brain Dumping – release your mind tornado and get clarity!

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What is a Brain Dump? When we come across something that needs attention, it gets stuck in our brains – particularly if there are unresolved issues surrounding it. These thoughts take up valuable space in our minds, and when left there to sit… it can create quite the mind tornado.  You can release your “mind tornado” by releasing all of your … Read More

The top secrets to creating influence that aren’t already being done in your market

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The past 10 years have been incredibly impactful for probate as a niche industry. There is so much we have learned about marketing to the personal representative…  We’ve mastered cold calling and direct mail techniques. We’ve discovered how to build referral and vendor networks. We’ve learned how to put empathy first as a marketing value.  But we also know that … Read More

How to Write a Bio

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Click here to read the Jarvis article on how to write a bio COPY this Google doc and use it as a prompt to write your own bio: What do you do? Who do you do it for? How long have you been doing that? What did you do before? Where did you grow up Where do you live now … Read More