Strategic content now...
real results forever

Create content your audience actually wants and build a targeted strategy that drives real organic results. The Content Marketing Playbook is proven to increase conversion rates month over month, year over year...

Consistent, strategic content produces actual, real results...

  • 50% more qualified leads
  • 40% increase in website sessions year over year
  • 3x more traffic, 4x more shares and backlinks
  • 30% market share increase from qualified digital marketing to sales closings

Attract, nurture, engage... convert

At its heart, content strategy is the art of helping your audience overcome fears and doubts in their journey to becoming your customer, all while giving them access to information that they need and want.

The right content that is aligned both with your values and the values of your audience also benefits your business by giving you credibility, helping your audience relate to and identify with your brand, and cultivating a relationship with them. You are the authority because you are delivering real value and building trust.

Digital assets like blog articles, downloadable guides, emails, social content, video content, etc... are the absolute best way to not only attract, nurture and engage your ideal audience but build a tribe of customers who are devoted to your brand. 

But your audience should have a holistic approach to your content, like a thread that reaches from the marketing phase all the way through to sales, customer experience, and company culture.

Every business that is serious about growth gains momentum by having consistent and aligned marketing that leads to warm leads and buyers. They have a strategy, and it aligns with a belief system.

While there are many expert digital marketers out there.. 67% of them use lead generation as the sole metric to determine success... The Content Strategy Playbook™ measures the quality of the relationship over a lifetime.

Here's what a winning content strategy includes:

  • Blocked Buyer Diagnostic™ and audit your existing content
  • Conversion goal tracker
  • Funnel and value ladder
  • Persona and Buyers Journey
  • Content cluster strategy
  • Keyword and topic research
  • Unite your tech stack and analytics to support your content marketing strategy
  • 1 to 1 training and support

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Hi! Welcome to Reclaim. I'm Jennifer Bailey and I partner with entrepreneurs who have massive ideas that could change the world.

Most marketing is meaningless. Filled with empty promises, its only job is to bring in new traffic, new leads and new customers.

But I've drawn a line in the sand, and I've learned that marketing can do so much more than reach business goals and build profit. My methods give businesses the fire and soul they need to reach the right people, set the groundwork for sustainable relationships, and offer true value to the people on both the giving and receiving ends of marketing.

If you want to learn to own up, take control of your future, and reclaim your marketing, schedule your conversion audit session with me. I'll show you how to get there.