How to use keyword research to bootstrap traffic to a new website

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Keyword research is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. It allows you to uncover the most effective ways to target your audience and make sure that your content gets in front of them. When done correctly, it can help you drive more organic traffic to your website, increase visibility for a new site, and boost conversions from search engine users.

The following is a transcription of the Video Training given to Jennifer Jayne of the Fempreneur Collective, a new website made for female entrepreneurs who want to contribute content and get their message out to the world:

“I just have naturally good SEO writing. And I’ve just relied on that a hundred percent . And actually that’s exactly what you should do. Yeah. Um, cause people like always think about technical stuff and I was like, it’s not as complicated. Like you shouldn’t be focusing on a percentage of keywords. Mm-hmm.

you shouldn’t just write naturally, you know, and like keep, keep things in mind about the keywords, but, oh, and that’s what Google prefers anyways. So. Exactly. Yep. You already know. Um, but it doesn’t hurt to have the research and like the self-awareness or the, the, the mental awareness of things I could be doing with excellence as opposed to just winging so well, so writing, I believe in writing, winging, winging, writing, whatever you wanna call it.

I believe in that, but I also, um, believe. , is this the right folder? Yes. Um, in there are some like foundational, structural things mm-hmm. that most people will never learn naturally. And that’s the kind of stuff that we need to go over because, um, if you do wanna rank, you do need to do, like, there’s a few things that you do need to do.

So I think we should just talk and then once we’ve gotten some of this stuff underway, we’ll go, we’ll refer back to the folder and make sure we got everything covered. Um, for your reference, this is your actual working document. Do I have a different one than you? Oh, no, I, I’ve seen that one. Hang on. Oh, where is it?

There we go. Well, okay, so I, I, I just had a different view, um, in my Google folder, so it looked different. Okay. Okay. So yeah, no, you’re right. This is a public folder. Yes. What you’re seeing right now, yours is here. Um, okay. And obviously you’re the only one who I can access this, but, so this, but right now, this is your, Yeah, this is your file.

Okay, so everything in here is clickable, like this is your table of contents, right? So, Yeah, I just like, yeah, there’s notes in here. There’s, so most of these documents are actually what I do for people. Okay. But I wanted to give them to you to use if you want them. So, cool. There’s a competitive landscape document in here, jobs to be done.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with that at all, but it’s a really cool way of describing your customer journey. Hm. . Um, we can go over any of these things you want to. Okay. Value ladder buyer’s journey. Uh, and then these documents here are what I am working on for you. Okay. So we can go over this specifically.

Um, I actually did some work on this one, a little bit of work on this one for you as well. So your action items is actually what we’ll go over and then we’ll just, we’ll go over all the things you need to know. Okay. So any questions so far? Nope. Cool. All right. So. First question. Your domain name? Yes. Okay.

I’m assuming you looked femur up. Yes, I know who femur is. Okay. Um, I, I’m gonna probably be purchasing fem as well. Okay. Um, and, and I’m moving away from saying Fem Co and moving to Fem Collective so that it’s. , the brand recognition is the two words as opposed to the one? Yes. Okay. Well that’s the first item in your action list.

was, and I don’t dislike the domain name at all, but um, like one of the things, it’s not just for seo, but for like, Brandability and all those things, which you know very well already. Mm-hmm. , um, is to make sure that domain name and the words and everything is easy to remember, easy to understand, easy to type in.

And then, so my thing was, well just take off the com and just do Okay. Great. , but which is not, but I think that’s a great option as well. Okay. I was worried, I was worried about the, that becoming muddy with Mm-hmm. , um, oh yeah. Okay. Super legit, right? Yeah. So, yeah, I mean, and the thing about the domain name, and here’s what you need to know for seo if you don’t already know this.

Is that the longer you have a domain name, the more valuable Google sees it. Mm-hmm. the more credible. So, um, if you, if this is a new domain name, then you’re not gonna have a problem switching it now, now is the time. Yeah. When you buy the domain name, buy it for 10 years at a time. Yeah. Okay. Five to 10 years at a time.

So that’s kind of like a signal that’s like, oh, okay, this is legit. It’s not just a. Fly by night or like a popup, you know. Interesting. No one’s ever ever brought that up before because I, I’ve always just been like, woo idea. And then I hold onto it for six years and then eventually I’m like, oh, I’m never gonna do anything with this.

And I let it go. Um, at one point I had actually signed up. For like a website flipping thing. Cause this girl was like, yeah, casually creating websites on these URLs that she’d bought forever ago. And then flipping them. She’d put like 10 articles and a basic design on and hold onto them and like sell one.

Like a year later. That’s crazy. I’ve heard of people doing that before. Did did she actually make money doing it? Yeah, she was making, like, she had a program and she ha she was making like five grand a month just side hustling website designs and holding onto them and then selling them. That’s cool. That would be like such a creative business if you like, branded, if you created websites, but then branded the websites too, like people could actually purchase Ready made, done for websites.

Oh my god. It. I mean, I’m still in a lot of like lifestyle and crafted food, blogging, Facebook groups, and people are constantly selling sites that they’re not using. They, I had this idea, I got started, I wanted to rank, I wanted to get it into, you know, medium line and I never got there. So I’m just selling it for five grand.

It’s three years old or whatever. I love it. Ugh. So clever. Okay, so cool. Um,

the other, so the other. Is there’s blank pages, . Well, so that’s a big part of it. Um, so if you like, pretend you’re Google, right? And let’s say Google’s actually like a person. And so when Google comes here or anybody comes here, they need to know immediately what it is that they’re here for. Mm-hmm. . They need to be able to say, oh yeah, I’m in the right place, or, uh, I have no clue what this is.

Right. So, uh, or yeah, or I’m in the right place, or, oh, this is cool, but it’s not for me. Mm-hmm. Like, they need to be able to know right away. So Google’s the same way. They need to be able to see every page, the, the title of your page, the content that’s on it in an organized, structured way that they know exactly what kind of customers to give you.

Right. Okay. So, Structurally, I always recommend identifying your exact pillars and then create a page that is named that very clearly, and those are your core pages. And then from there you can kind of organize it like a table of contents. You know, there could be pages underneath them. . So, yeah, I mean, that’s actually a great way to say it.

If you just think about this as like an outline mm-hmm. for a masterpiece, right. What would that outline look like? What would pages one, two and three be? And then what would page A, uh, one A, one B, and one C look like? Right. Okay. Okay. And the other important thing to know, now again, I’m recording this so I always look back, um, If a page is not linked from the menu itself, then to Google, like it’s not related, it’s a one-off.

So every page that’s important to you structurally and content-wise has to be on a menu somewhere or at least linked internally to another page. Okay. Does that make sense? Yes. Okay.

So that is, that’s your first part here. So this content strategy, well this specifically like the SEO action items are organized by, um, on page technical. Okay. Off page stuff. You can, the organic content strategy and then paid strategies. I added in here because, in the beginning when you’re trying to rank and you need traffic.

Like, I always recommend supplementing with some kind of either paid or could be even like a Facebook group or something, but Okay. Okay. So, um, wanna go over these real quick? Yeah. All right, cool. So the strike the site structure we kind of talked about, it’s called like a silo method, right? So it’s basically like organizing things in pillars, and then you go down from there.

Okay. The, um, keyword use there. Basically what you need to know is that right now you have some duplicate stuff, but it needs to be unique, right? Okay. So you need to create original and unique content on each page. Okay? Um, and that goes for everything, right? That goes for your, um, meta titles and descriptions as well.

Need to be unique and. Any kind of other, like tagging on page.

Okay. The um, text to H H M L ratio, you know what that means, right? No, but I’m assuming it’s like I don’t have enough content right now. Yeah. Just let’s just share words on page. So it sounds like you already know that all the pages need more content. Yeah. Good to go. Yeah. Okay. Because I mean, there’s like four pages that have literally nothing on them.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. . Okay. Perfect. Um, and you know what the meta is right and how to do it. Perfect. Um, and so for our listeners who do not know what that is, um, that is basically when you do a Google search, uh, let’s say you’re looking for stuffed cooked jumbo cookies. Okay. I actually have a friend who does make stuffed jumbo cookies and they’re amazing.

Um, so you type in stuffed jumbo cookies and comes up like three listings with, of people all over the world who. Make Jeff, uh, stuffed jumbo cookies. And what you see in the search results, that is the meta information, a title and a description. Those have to be unique. So the goal of those isn’t really, like for keyword stuffing.

The goal of those is to get someone to click on it. That’s what you know. Yeah. Cool. And as you probably already know, the more clicks you get, the more Google says, oh, this is, this is relevant. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Right. Cool. Um, okay, so image tags, I would just recommend you use them like, like for example, when you upload an image to your website, this is the process I go through.

Okay. You got this from Unsplash. I love Unsplash. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . But so you save the image, you rename the image, something relevant. Okay? Email marketing would be the image name. Then you compress it. . And the reason that you compress it is because it massively changes the, uh, the, your website load speed and load speed is a significant factor for Google.

Is that something I can do like on my pc? I don’t, I’ve never, I’ve, I have a s Smushing app on my other website, but I didn’t, I didn’t know what to do for this. This is gonna change your life. Totally free Kaun, tight . Oh, that’s my, my partner . Totally free. All you do is you, um, Dr. Drag the image in ear and, okay.

Like, I actually don’t know the difference between lossy and Lossless, and I don’t care. I just throw ’em in there and I download it and I use the downloaded image. Okay. Upload it to my blog. It’s amazing. Good to know. Yeah, perfect. Right. Highlighting that one. Um, and then, so once you actually have an image on your website, when you have, when you toggle your, um, mouse over it, a little description comes up, right?

So one says, join the newsletter, and those descriptions can be edited in the back. You know, you’re, well, we’re, you’re, you’re using WordPress. So that’s what we’re talking about, which is my preferred method, by the way, of, um, creating websites. But, so that little popup that comes up is the image description.

And the purpose of that is actually for people with disabilities. If they can’t, the image, they, their computer will read it to them, right? So it’s important for seo, but it’s more important for obviously people to know what the image is about.

Okay. And then the last, oh nope. Anchor tags. Gotta go over that. Do you know what an anchor tag is? I feel like I should, I know the term , but whether or not my understanding of what it is is correct, is the mystery . Okay, perfect. So an anchor tag is like, let’s say

that you have an article somewhere else on your website that’s about corporate jobs. So you’re actually going to highlight, decided to leave your corporate job, right? That’s the anchor tag, and you’re gonna link the whole description to the related article that’s about corporate jobs. Okay. I have one of those down.

Okay, perfect. At the bottom? Yeah. Perfect. And right here. Okay. So this is a great example. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals. Let’s click on it. . Excellent. So this is about a supportive community of women. So what I would actually change about that anchor text that we just looked at is I would actually use the word community and women.

Or entrepreneurs. So I think one thing I don’t know that we went over is like 90% of the content that’s gonna be on the site is being written by other people. So I, I’ve told them that I will make slight adjustments for SEO and keyword stuff, but like, I don’t wanna completely rewrite people’s sentences unless it like, makes.

Perfect sense. Yeah. And I understand that. I mean, I know it’s probably like a time consuming thing too, but little change, I start, I start now , if I start now, I don’t have to go back and do a whole 10 years worth. Exactly. E. E, exactly. Right. And, and don’t worry, like if, so this is a growing thing, like Yeah, a website is a living thing.

if you add an article tomorrow that’s about women entrepreneurs, you can always link that one back here. Mm-hmm. . And the other like really cool strategy is to do back and forth links. Mm-hmm. . So, um, so you were gonna link this one to this article, right? Yes. . And, um, there’s actually another strategy I’m gonna teach you.

It’s called the content cluster. Okay. And super powerful way to get lots of, lots of organic traffic. Mm-hmm. . Yes. And what, what it is, I’ll just tell you real quick now, um, if you can imagine like a ball with like 10 spokes coming out of it, like a brain cluster, right? Mm-hmm. . So you start with your core topic.

Let’s say it’s women in business, you’re gonna write like 5,000 words about women in business. One giant page. Yeah. And then you’re gonna write 10 articles that are related to women in business. Right. And you’re to link those articles to and from the pillar article and two and from each other, like one giant web.

And that signals to Google. That this is like a really important topic and anyway, traffic will come. Mm-hmm. , I have used this method and it legit gets like what we, what we call them when they get like a lot of traffic is a unicorn. So your goal is to get unicorns? I like unicorns. I do too. It’s my favorite.

Okay. Indexing. You know how to index your site? Yes. Okay. I just recommend that after you’ve done your site structure mm-hmm. that you. Re-index your site. Okay. Right. And that like, Google will pick it up anyway, but you just wanna make sure, um, have you ever used Google webmaster tools? Very, very, very, very, very, very long time ago.

you need. Webmaster . So just set up Google Webmaster, cuz they’ll tell you like, I was working on this one website last month and their site was not getting, like, we redid their site, they had tons of content, but their site wasn’t increasing in traffic. And I’m like, what the heck is going on? So I looked in Google Webmaster and there was an error on there that was like, Hey, um, your site isn’t indexing some pages or whatever.

So I went in digged into it and I looked in the code and sure enough there was a no follow tag that. Who knows even how got there, but there’s, yeah, it was, so I fixed it for them. And anyway, um, I have to check back to make sure that they’re, she’s resolved, but it’s, uh, Google Web Master is gold. It really is.

Okay. Okay. Good to know. Yep. And it’s easy to use. You’ll get it, you’ll get it right away. Okay. So any questions about the OnPage? ? Nope. All right. Okay, so are you familiar with any off page SEO strategies? Yes. Okay. So we’ll just run through these, um, back links. That’s the obvious one. You know that when you ask for a back link, you wanna have a really good descriptive anchor tag, right?

Mm-hmm. . Perfect. Um, there’s this thing that actually. Uh, I’ve been doing with, um, a lot of my local clients and it’s a traffic signaling program and Okay. Uh, what it does, like this is so amazing. It literally sends legit traffic to your Google My Business listing Oh. For the right keywords. And it takes them to like different content pieces on your website, depending on what you want it to do.

Mm-hmm. . And if you can imagine, um, . If you were a local business and you had a brick and mortar location, let’s say that somebody’s searching for that location from like a mile away. Yeah. And they’re like, oh, I’m finding it easily. But then they go two miles away. Right. And then they’re, they don’t find it as easily, right.

What the traffic program does, it signals to all the locations, like within a much larger. Okay. So that location will get found now for you since you’re an international business. Yeah. The first thing I wanna make sure you know is that having a physical address on your website is still important. Mm-hmm.

are you planning to do that? I will. I, as soon as I get, I need to get a PO box. So a PO box will not work for Google. Oh yeah. So can I put, like, do I have to put my actual house. , you don’t have to, but I, I talk to people about this a lot because, um, unless you have some kind of like security reason not to do it, there’s no reason not to put your address on there.

No one’s gonna actually come to your house, I promise, . Um, and it’s the, it’s literally the best thing that you can do is put a, put a physical address. If you don’t wanna use your house, there’s other options. But you just have to pay somebody to have a physical street address. Yeah, I know. I looked into co-working space and that was one of the things they offered as a part of the membership was a, a business address.

Yeah. Yeah. And I questioned that. Um, I actually used to use a co-working space for my physical address. Mm-hmm. . Um, but I questioned that because, Google. So many, so many people are claiming it. Yeah, right. So if I’m Google and I’m a person, I’m like, well, this address is listed for 20 businesses. I’m like, I don’t know which one.

Is it legit? Yeah. And then the other problem is, um, Google has rules. Like if you have two businesses at the exact same location, with the same web address, the same address, and the same phone number, they will not give you a listing, right? Mm-hmm. So, You have to have. It used to be, I don’t know if this is still true, but it used to have two out of three had to be unique.

So unique web address, unique address or phone number. So you could probably get away with it. Um, but anyway, just that’s all the knowledge I have. . Um, yeah. Okay. So getting back to traffic signals, this is an option for you. It may not be as, um, influential for you at this point in time, but. If you ever decide you wanna invest in something, um, this program, it’s a couple hundred bucks a month, but once you start it, you don’t wanna stop.

Right. Cause it will hurt you if you stop. Right. Well, , you’re committing for life, so be prepared. Yeah, . Yeah. And I just put this on the backlog here so there’s something to think about. You can change these, by the way, your priorities and your KPIs. You can do whatever you want here and you don’t even have to track ’em if you don’t want to.

But it’s just a, um, I like tracking things. I know someone else creates all of the. beautifulness for me. Haha. Well, this tool has been significant because I feel like a lot of times when people build websites or their businesses, they don’t know what to track. Yeah. Don’t track anything at all. So this allows you to do like experiments and test a hypothesis and like figure out what’s really important.

Um, have you Okay. Once you have that street address. You need to be doing your listings and your Google My Business. Right. Okay. Yep. You know that. Okay, cool. And your social media presence. Talk to me about that. Uh, Instagram is where I’m at right now. I’m going to be doing, um, a Facebook group for contributors and then a community Facebook group.

But I wanted to get just some basics covered first before I freaked myself out about trying to do another Facebook.

Right. . I get that . Yeah. Yeah. And something changed in the Facebook algorithm, by the way. Oh, yeah. Facebook groups are not the, not the juice anymore, but No. Just like, poof. Gone. Yeah. I mean, I, I want the community. Aspect more for like, cuz I want feedback from people about like, Hey, I’m writing, you know, an article about this, what?

Gimme your 2 cents. And then you might get quoted in the, like, I want that element of it. Um, and I’m very anti making people go to another platform, so. If I, I’m working specifically with Women in business. Facebook is a, where a lot of them are, Instagram and Facebook. So I mean, I, I completely agree with that and I think a group would be good for you as, as long as you’re not relying on it as your tool of leads.

Yeah. No. Well, although I think it could be really powerful for content to get content, but. anyway. Okay. Um, I, the point in this document is that more social media the better for you. Mm-hmm. , um, they’re just like listings, you know, they’ll give you those signals back. Yep. Okay. Perfect. Okay, so this is the core of what you’re gonna love the most, the organic content development, which you’re already doing.

Yay. , but my recommendation is that you, if you are serious, then you’d be a little bit more aggressive with it. Mm-hmm. , uh, I got sick for two weeks, so my plan to write a, publish an article every day got like Right. Really quick. Right. Really quick. Got it. Got it, got it. And I mean, it’s a, that’s a hefty goal, like daily, a daily piece of content is a.

Which is why the, the, you know, the goal is to have 70 or like 80 to 90% contributor based so that I’m only writing one like article a week. Right. Um, right now I’m, I should be doing two to three, which is also not the worst. Um, I just am behind. Right. Um, well, I’m gonna show you how to choose topics for Yes, please.

That will get rankings and that’s like, yes, please. Yeah. That’s why we’re working together, right? So, yes. Um, but you need to know that pillar pages we talked about. Mm-hmm. , those are the long form. Have at least four of those. Um, you know, you don’t have to do them all at once, but definitely work on these content clusters.

And the pillar page is the center. of the content cluster. Yes. Write a bunch of articles around it. Right? So that’s point of that. And then again, daily would be like a, a pretty aggressive goal. So, all right, so, um, this is the fun part. Let’s go back to table contents and. . All right, so this is how I organize.

There’s a couple ways I don’t wanna overwhelm you. Okay. And we might even have to do a second meeting. That’s fine. Okay. I just wanna make sure that you know what these tools are and how to use them. Mm-hmm. . Okay. So step one, identify what your four pillars are and what the subtopics of each are. And I’ve just stuck an example in here.

So like female entrepre. And then the four subtopics might be NI mindset, business, marketing, and finances. Okay. For each of these, I like to anchor it with a content offer. So Okay. Your content offer for female entrepreneurship might be a step by step guide to, um, being a rockstar female entrepreneur, or whatever it is.

Right. Okay. And that would be like a download. Right. So wanna make sure there’s like a call to action and all, all that stuff. Um, okay. So that’s the, that’s the core of it. There’s more here, but we’re not gonna go too far into this at this point.

Um, this is a really great tool if you have a buyer’s journey defined. Okay. Have you. Looked into buyer’s journeys. Um, I’m familiar with it, but I have not done one for this. Okay. So I recommend doing that activity. There is actually a buyer’s journey sample in here, and I feel like it would be super easy for you to just take this document and make it yours.

Okay? Um, but basically like it will define for you how someone gets from their aha moment all the way, their transformation and what kind of content offers you should allow them to have in the middle. Okay? So this helps you define your content strategy very quickly and easily. And then that’s what this document’s for.

It’s to decide what questions are they asking during this part of the buyer’s journey, and what kind of content should I be writing. So basically humanizes seo. Does that make sense? Yes. Yep. Cool. Any questions? Nope. All right. Okay. Casual truths are Women . Oh, that’s the first one I know. Okay, so I have like a super specific way of doing my keyword research and um,

So let’s go over like the main parts of what makes keyword research what it is. You may already know some of this. Um, have you ever done it before? No, not for myself. I’m not really, yeah. No. , I let other people brand new, do the research. Yeah. Right. You’re a noob. Got it. Okay. So, um, , when you look up a topic mm-hmm.

what’s gonna come back to you is thousands of words, okay. That are actually being searched in Google. Now, my tool tells us how many people are searching on a monthly basis. Okay. In the us. Okay. I know that you are broader than the US but this just gives us a benchmark. Yep. . Okay. So how many people are looking, how many other people are trying to rank for that word?

Hmm. Or are already ranking for that word. And, um, what that gives us back is how difficult that word is to rank for mm-hmm. and what the click potential is. Okay. So what I do is I take all those. And I grab the ones that are lower difficulty level, but still have some volume. Mm-hmm. . Okay. And I calculate that, what I call a rank.

This is my calculation of how valuable I think it is. Okay. So I’ve taken any keyword difficulty that’s over. 47 , so I, I put it at 50. Okay. I took 50 up and I just like put those in a diff different pile. Those are in a different spreadsheet altogether. Right, right. I’m not saying don’t write for these, but they’re gonna be really hard to rank for.

Right. So if it’s, um, if it’s in the 40 or under range and it has a decent volume, then the ranking’s going to be high. Okay. Does this all make sense? Yes. Okay. It’s also gonna tell us what people are searching for. Are they just looking for information or are they actually looking to make a transaction?

Right, right. So this is exactly what I would write for, like, this would be one of my first things. Business casual shoes for women. Hmm. Okay. And this also says transactional, right? So we’re like, okay, well they’re looking for shopping. . Okay, well, what else can we look for in this area that’s like related, okay.

Business casual dresses for women. All right. Um, and then what you do is you look for all the related terms and you can group ’em together. So let’s say you find 10 of these that are all related, right? You can write a decent amount of words for each one. , and then you have your content cluster, right? And it’s a massive beast that’s going to get traffic.

Okay. There’s just no way you are not gonna get traffic for these . Like really? So that’s why I love this method, because it’s like, oh man, like it’s a 42, so it’s not gonna be a walk in the park to get ranked for it. Mm-hmm. . But if you tie it down to all these other ones mm-hmm. that are related, like yeah, it’s gonna be super successful.

Um, so does that make sense? It does. It makes me wish this was a business fashion, what I’m saying right now, . Well, look, that’s a, that’s a serious thing that women in business aren’t looking into. Mm-hmm. , who cares if it’s not exactly your right target market in the beginning? Because the more traffic you get, the more traffic you’re gonna get.

Right, right. Yeah. Well, I’m just thinking if I could like put this together with a spin for. for, you know, going to a conference. Right. Like, if that’s the angle I take at it. Totally. Yeah. Um, so what you do is business casual for women. Mm-hmm. , business casual for women would be the, the 10,000 word pillar, right?

Yeah. And then business casual shoes for women. Business casual, uh, business dress for conferences for women. Like you throw your own stuff in there. Yeah. But you tie it all together. . Now, the other really cool thing you can do is you can look for the really low ones. Mm-hmm. like this one’s 17 keyword difficulty that would be very easy to rank for.

And it has 1300 searches. So let’s look and see what it actually is. Uh, right. Black Diamond marketing, Google Web business experts. Okay, well, darn, like that’s, that’s not related at all. Right? But what can you do with that? Like, right. Maybe you can review Black Diamond. . Okay. Just write a review about them.

And guess what? That’s what your, your article’s titled and you’re gonna get, you’re gonna get some traffic, uh, eight and 1600. Skit ideas for MLM . That’s a fantastic one. , no one is writing about this. I’m sure there’s a good reason and that’s weird, but yeah, I would totally write about this . That’s so funny.

Or find somebody who wants to, yeah, like comedy or something. Yeah. Have you’ve seen that show? I can’t bring this up. We’re being recorded. . There’s this show, this really funny show that I will not say out loud, but there’s this whole comedy thing. I’ll call you later, . Ok. Actually, it’s a, actually a really good one that you could write about.

I’ll, I’ll tell you. Yeah, I’ll tell you. Okay. . Um, okay, so I’m just scrolling through these real quick, cuz sometimes you’ll find like these nuggets that are like, oh, what’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online? That is a huge one, right? Yeah. I mean, I talk to people all the time that are like, well, my business was doing well until everything went digital.

Mm-hmm. , I don’t know what to do. Yeah, I was doing a little market research and I’m asking some women in business, like, what kind of stuff would you love to read about it? And um, one, one was saying like, I, I would love to read some more information and, and, and have a better understanding of like the pivot and then back them a pivot again.

Right? So like, we went all online and now, like, right. And the, the, we’re multi pivoted at this point. And she’s like, and it’s really confusing to me. And I’m like, Ooh, that’s juicy. So I wrote that one down, but that would fit in. very well. Yeah. So this is a weird one. Mm-hmm. , um, 320 searches, but no one’s writing about it.

And it’s literally file type pdf. Social media manager. Huh? Subline. How do you work that into an article? Article? Okay. That’s where you get creative. And this is the fun part. So you say, um, file type pdf, social media manager, sub-headline. Um, easy ways to get ahead. for your solopreneur business. Does that make sense?

Mm-hmm. , so it’s basically like this is the, the headline, but then you sub headline and you tie it into a way that people can be like, oh yeah, people are looking for PDFs for a social media manager because they want to be able to create a social media management business, which is most women. So, yeah.

Okay. That makes sense. That makes sense. I’m not saying start with this one, but look, 20. But I just, I would never have thought that it would be okay to make that the title of Totally. Of something. Yeah. And I mean, obviously you’re gonna wanna have a p d download that’s also, uh, called P D F Social media ban.

Yeah, , yeah. Yeah. So that’s it. That’s how you do it. Do you have any questions about this? No, I’m excited about the potential. Yeah. With this, this could. Because every once in a while I sit down to write and I’m like, I wanna write. Right? Like, I got that solage where I just wanna like write, write, write. And I’m like, Hey Don

So this could, this could be fun. Yes. And you, you can definitely pull some nuggets outta here. Um, now if you want to have more information about your core topics, like what should be your pillars mm-hmm. , that’s where you might want to go in here and sort these. I’ll just do it right now. . Okay, so these are sorted now by the most amount of traffic.

So this is where you might get your best ideas for your pillars. Mm-hmm. business ideas. Um, this is the seed. So I mean,

search term, seed term traffic, competition value. Uh, intent and these were the click potential if you get ranked. So, yeah. So this is the term. So small business ideas could be, uh, business casual for women. See that? That’s crazy. Yeah. So this’ll tell you, um, The most popular things that people are looking for right now.

Mm-hmm. , that’s where you’re gonna get your core. Does that make sense? Yep. Okay. Cool. All right, well, if we’re done with the keywords, I’m going to go over some other stuff. Yeah. Cool. Yep. Okay. So we went over this. and we did not over this content clusters. All right, so this is how I organize when I decide to do a content cluster, this is how I will do it.

So the pillar might be, um, business ideas, and then you throw your 10 topic, you know, your 10 additional, um, article topics here. Yep. You anchor it with this, download this content offer. . And you ha would put that content offer on all 10, all 11 articles? I would, yeah. So the inbound strategy is, um, create a warm way to capture leads all the time.

So every single piece of content you do should have at least one content offer attached to it. Okay. And you can create CTAs. Um, I will give you, an example. This is a actual physical, local business, but I wanted to show you like how, how it’s done. So on every page they have, they have a cta, uh, some kind of content offer.

Okay. That’s related. So this one’s visual, but you can click and it’s gonna take you to a landing page. And then, um, as they build out their blog, We can also put visuals in there. So it could be a graphic or it could just be a title with a link, or it could be an embedded email subscription. It could be anything, right?

Mm-hmm. . Um, and then it’s supposed, there’s a popup on here, but it’s probably not coming up because, um, I have cookies and I have already seen this website was working on it. Anyway, um, you should have a popup.

Come on, pop up. I know you wanna show up. It’s not showing up. All right. There it is. So it’s like a slide in or something like that. But you know, a lot of blogs have popups that like are in your face. It’s up to you if it might be that kind or not. But this is a called a slide in and it’s just really friendly way to, um, have a content offer on every single page.

Mm-hmm. make sense. . Cool. Okay. Is there anything we haven’t covered or anything you want me to go over? I don’t think so. A letter? Oh, yes. Let me show you like the stuff in the files. Okay. Okay. . Um, okay. This is another goal document. You’re North Star, but this is more like higher level. Um, so it goes over brand lead gen, how you’re nurturing and how you’re converting sales.

Okay. Okay. So those are the categories. I threw a couple in here for you. Mm-hmm. , um, making like your purpose super clear, your value proposition, um, and doing like a buyer, certain activity. We talked about that. Mm. Cool. And then in the folder, which I’ll show you in a sec, are, um, a bunch more resources. So these are clickable.

You can, um, go to them here, but there’s some different tools you can use in here. I’m gonna put compressor in here.

Appreciated. Mm-hmm. New problem. I hate things to be like different sizes or fonts. like, no, stop it. Oh, Jasper’s amazing. I’ve used Jasper for over two years, um, and it’s my, my number one tool for sure, Meem. So I was arguing with somebody yesterday about Jasper Japer, jt. Yeah. And I’m like, okay, look. Okay.

Legitimately I created 10,000 words for a. Last week in two days. Yeah. But I used both tools. Okay. And I had to use my brain too. Okay. Let’s not forget that we’re a hundred . 10000%. Yes, I know, I know we talked about this. It’s so funny. Yeah, I, I mean, the thing with chat, G P T is. You can’t go back and look at your history.

There’s no like set temp, like set. I love all of the templates in Jasper. Like, and there’s formulas and stuff in the, in the Facebook group. You can, I have so many bookmarks just be like, I’m gonna test this sales page formula and blah, blah, blah. Like it’s just, oh, I have to get in there. I have not checked.

Yeah, you do. You Yeah, you do. Here I’ll go. I’ll find you and, okay, thanks. I appreciate that. Um, yeah. And so. Exactly, and that’s how I explained it too, was like if you’re working on 10,000 words at a time, you probably wanna have it in Jasper, not chat, t p t mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. not gonna be possible. Mm-hmm. , um, all these documents here are a bunch of research, so I recommend you look at them.

And Okay. If you have any further questions, just let me know what they are. Okay. Um, and then in this folder here, there’s a bunch of resources for you to use, including a content checklist. Like just you, you probably already know all this stuff, but you could just read it over and be like, am I doing this or not?

Okay. and this, um, so here, this is the hierarchy that I work off of when I’m trying to make a website into a business. Okay? Okay. This is your growth driven design hierarchy. we go, we start with audience right here, and it’s recommended that you have like two to 3000, um, hits on your website per month before you move down the hierarchy to the next thing.

Okay. Um, now I work on value and usability, like also in the beginning. Mm-hmm. But once you are getting to a point where you can like, uh, figure out what your CRO R is, um, you can’t do that until you have like a legitimate amount, TR amount. Yeah. You have to have people to gauge. Yep. So step one, um, build your traffic.

So you’re doing the right thing.

You’re already a member, you’re already a member. . Oh, good. You’re in there. All right, I’ll look. I’ll look it up. Yes. For official community. Okay. Thanks for that. Mm-hmm. , you have any other questions? I do not. . Cool. Is this, um, everything that you were hoping to get? Is there anything that we And then some

and then some. Yeah. No, I mean, I, I think I, I may have questions once something’s like, settle in my brain a little bit cuz like my brain’s just like, Ooh, ooh, what’s that? Ooh, what’s that? What’s that? So like, once I settle in a little bit and like actually. Digest some of it. I may have some more questions, but Good.

At this moment, I do not . Okay. That’s perfect. If you wanna do a follow up q and a, that’d be fine. Cool. Um, I actually am gonna do a chat, g p t and SEO event live tomorrow. I, I, yes, I have it in my calendar, so, cool. Well, if you come, but Yeah. Yeah. It, well, well, anyway, if you can make it, um, I might use. For some additional, like you, you can probably lead that class as well.

So, um, might have some good back and forth if you’re there. Sure, yeah. I’ll, uh, Wednesday’s typically like my heavy networking day, so I’ll, I’ll just make space to be there. Cool. Well, I’ll look forward to having you, Jen. All right. Thanks, Jennifer. All right. Bye. Bye.”

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