The Lead Magnet Masterclass

Lead magnets are one of the easiest, fastest and WARMEST ways to get qualified leads in your pipeline... from a downloadable content offer to usable templates and workbooks... lead magnets can make or break your lead gen.

Over the last 15 years, we've studied and tested a LOT of lead magnets... and the #1 thing that they all have in common is that they solve an immediate pain point for their potential buyer.

  • What a lead magnet is (and isn't)
  • Basic Lead magnet rules

  • The anatomy of a lead magnet
  • 8 criteria for a winning content offer
  • The 3 marketing jobs of a lead magnet

  • How to find a lead magnet in your existing content

Get the Masterclass + Free Tempate

PLUS! Get the Ultimate Lead Magnet Template for FREE

Design your first lead magnet in 30 minutes or less with This Irresistible Lead Magnet, ready to copy and edit right in your Canva account...

Here's what's included:

  • A variety of editable layout pages for your lead magnet
  • Clear instructions on how to build your offer
  • 10 Irresistible lead magnet ideas


The Relationship Solution to Marketing

Hi! I'm Jennifer Bailey and I partner with entrepreneurs who have massive ideas that could change the world.

Most marketing is meaningless. Filled with empty promises, its only job is to bring in new traffic, new leads and new customers.

But I've drawn a line in the sand, and I've learned that marketing can do so much more than reach business goals and build profit. My methods give businesses the fire and soul they need to reach the right people, set the groundwork for sustainable relationships, and offer true value to the people on both the giving and receiving ends of marketing.

If you want to learn to own up, take control of your future, and reclaim your marketing, schedule a 15-minute clarity session with me. I'll show you how to get there.