Canva Lead Magnet Template

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No marketer wants to develop from scratch… at least not all the time… which makes Canva lead magnet templates so valuable. And Canva – unlike any other templating tool out there – makes it extremely simple and quick to design using a template – or even better – design your own templates to repurpose based on your own brand.  With … Read More

Lead Magnet Template

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Let’s face it, lead magnets can be a lot of work. But creating an effective lead magnet template doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right strategy and skills, you will have a lead magnet that drives conversions! Creating lead magnets is all about providing value. They should give people something they want or need in exchange for their contact … Read More

How to use keyword research to bootstrap traffic to a new website

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Keyword research is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. It allows you to uncover the most effective ways to target your audience and make sure that your content gets in front of them. When done correctly, it can help you drive more organic traffic to your website, increase visibility for a new site, and boost conversions from search … Read More

Stop Personifying your Ideal Client… the “Secret” to Selling More is Empathy mapping the buyer’s journey …

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Do you use a “Persona” or “Avatar” to define your target market? Maybe it helps you to put things into perspective when you’re writing your content or running ads… Have you identified what they might look like, what their basic demographic data is… what they do on the weekend, and a list of where they go on vacation? Good for … Read More

Free, downloadable Lead magnet template

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Lead magnets are one of the easiest, fastest, and WARMEST ways to get qualified leads in your pipeline… from a downloadable content offer to usable templates and workbooks… lead magnets can make or break your lead gen. Over the last 15 years, I’ve studied and tested a lot of lead magnets… and the #1 thing that they all have in … Read More

5 signs your website is silently killing sales

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Is having a website actually silently KILLING your progress as an entrepreneur? ☠️This was a hard pill for me to swallow 💊 … I mean I started out designing websites from my dorm room 15 years ago… but >>> TRUTH PILL <<< sometimes a website is a distraction from your most impactful, meaningful activities… Here are the top 5 signs … Read More

Brain Dumping – release your mind tornado and get clarity!

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What is a Brain Dump? When we come across something that needs attention, it gets stuck in our brains – particularly if there are unresolved issues surrounding it. These thoughts take up valuable space in our minds, and when left there to sit… it can create quite the mind tornado.  You can release your “mind tornado” by releasing all of your … Read More

Brand Alignment: what it means and why it’s crucial for businesses to succeed

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Table of Contents Brands and the subconscious: how the Triune Brain affects our decisions Applying the triune brain to the buyers’ journey Brand Alignment in the Buyers’ Journey Brand Alignment offers clear values and a consistent marketing narrative How to have brand alignment 10 questions to ask that prove brand alignment Take the Blocked Buyer Diagnosis Brands are everywhere. From … Read More