To empower visionary entrepreneurs with purposeful marketing strategies so they can fully activate the vision they have for their customers and allow their organizations to reach their full potential.


To create marketing, sales, and service experiences that allow for abundant transformation for the customer and well-rounded growth for the organization.


People, not transactions, fuel business, run the economy and governments. Imagination and innovation are essential to creating transformational experiences by creating new products and by changing the perception and associations that people have with the world they live in.

People are the music makers, the dreamers of dreams, and are designed by the Creator to create. People have a natural desire and ability to pursue meaning and purpose in all of the things that we do and create.


To change the western consumerist mindset, so that organizations and consumers both can see people at the other side of the packaging.

The CTRL+Clarity Growth Model:

The 9-point inspection for growth

  1. Purpose Alignment: Uncover your “Why” as a person and an organization. Do you know your purpose, vision, mission and philosophy? Is your purpose aligned with your business activities? Does your product or service get you out of bed in the morning?
  2. Avatar Callibration: Who do you want to serve and how do you want to impact their lives? Are they in alignment with your purpose? Do you know enough about your audience to reach and serve them better?
  3. Gap Resolution: What are your differentiators? How is it different from what your competition is doing? What industry dragons are you slaying? Does it align with the needs of your customer? Is your message on-point and clear?
  4. Market Impact: Are your marketing methods working? What are the most impactful tactics and stategies you should be using? Are they reaching your customer at the right time and in the right way?
  5. Offer Optimization: Is your offer packaged and priced right for the market? Does the path to transformation make sense for your customer? Do you have a value ladder and what does it look like? Are you offering your customers new opportunities on a regular basis? Are you offering a money back guarantee (why or why not)?
  6. Entry points and lead generation: Are you positioning yourself so your customers can find you? Do you have the right tech stack in place? Are you working harder than needed to bring in leads? Are your leads warm enough when they find you so the conversion process is easy?
  7. Sales empowerment: Do your marketing and sales processes work together? Do you have the right tools in place to enable your sales team to have success? Are you using outdated sales methods? Are you setting the right expectations for your customers on an ethical level?
  8. Customer empowerment: Is your customer service an extension of your marketing and sales? Do you value your customers as much as you value your leads? What happens once they make a purchase? How are you offering your customers opportunities for real transformation?
  9. Values Alignment: Do your core values carry through from marketing to sales and then customer experience? Are they aparent in your marketing message? Are you evaluating your progress as it relates back to your purpose? What is your plan of action if you veer off track?