The truth about real estate SEO the experts won’t tell you

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A lot of real estate professionals spend time and money on their SEO… writing content, using GMB, hiring an SEO “expert”…

…with no real way to know if that SEO is going to work…

The truth that most “SEO experts” won’t tell you is that there are three major barriers to keyword traffic for real estate…

  1. First, is the amount of low search volume. While there are thousands of searches for “real estate agent near me”, there are far fewer people searching for “real estate agent portland or” for example. 490 per month, to be exact, Split that by the 2,269 licensed REALTORS® in Portland, and it’s not looking good for search…

    It’s an even more crowded space for niche searches like “probate real estate agent” which gets 50 searches each month, nationwide.
  2. Second, is search traffic competition. You aren’t only competing for traffic with real estate websites in your neighborhood, wholesalers, and cash buyer websites, but also big-brand companies like Zillow,, and dozens of other high-ranking, nationwide websites. 
  3. Third, is that even when websites are getting really good traffic, they usually still fail to perform warm, qualified lead generation. Any website can get traffic. But you aren’t just looking for any traffic, are you?

So… how do we solve for low search, high competition, non-converting SEO?

Simple. It’s called Inverted SEO. 

Inverted SEO has been a proven method to work with local businesses that deal especially with big life transitions, like weddings, babies, funerals …and moving. And the best part? It’s based on relationships and solutions for families, instead of technical SEO skills and black hat tactics. 

Inverted SEO is a way of looking at Google search in the most organic, natural way possible… by focusing on the journey that the buyer is going through, and dishing up content that guides and helps those families in their current situations.

Inverted SEO is a proven, warm relationship-based strategy that has brought other local businesses 3x the organic traffic month over month, forever. It can complement and improve PPC results, or eliminate the need for PPC altogether…

Learn more about Inverted SEO

If you want to learn more about upgrading your existing site, or simply adding on an inverted SEO strategy, book a call with Jen Bailey.

Or simply So, click here to learn more 🙂

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