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There are four specific pillars we use to determine exactly where buyers stop converting and why. Take a look at the detailed steps to pinpoint the holes in your marketing funnel and be able to fix them!

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Hi, I'm Jen Bailey.

These 4 exact pillars have come from a lifetime of experience in marketing, starting out of a college dorm room when email marketing was brand new.

This is the exact method I've used on dozens of businesses of every size and every industry, from the West Coast of California to businesses operating out of Europe and Asia.

It is designed to pinpoint the problems as quickly and efficiently as possible so we know the quickest solution to your revenue streams.

The truth is that there are dozens of touchpoints that can impact your potential customers and this birdseye view of your brands allows you to see from the perspective of the consumer.

The cost of marketing without strategy...

…marketing is like a wheel, all of the spokes have a job. Like a well-oiled machine, when your parts are to of sync, your business and customers are going to suffer for it... have you experienced this?

  • bleeding cash to survive
  • spending money with no clear ROI
  • Sacrificing personal time to work more hours without seeing more results

...and then it starts to snowball...

  • you and your sales team become willing to sell to anyone
  • cash flow restrictions start to have real consequences
  • team members start to lay blame on other team members...

...and soon enough you become scared money, interviewing a dozen marketing people, all the while totally confused about which direction to go in...

It's no wonder that most business owners feel like pulling their hair out when it comes to all the web and SEO they've already spent thousands of dollars on...

… and now they are throwing jelly at the wall trying to get it to stick (like those sticky hands your kids bring home from birthday parties...)

And how the heck do you know what the problem is or what is going to work?? Everyone is trying to sell you something...

  • SEO
  • Web redesigns
  • Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook ads
  • PPC
  • Social media content
  • SMS
  • ...on and on...

The blocked buyer diagnostic (without the guesswork)

If your digital marketing isn't converting... it's most likely one of four reasons...


1. BRAND ALIGNMENT: You're not connecting with your leads on a belief level and the message isn't clear, so your leads don't even know if they are in the right place and they don't see how you can help them

2. ATTRACT LEADS: You're not attracting enough sheer leads at the top of the funnel, and your products and services aren't getting the visibility or opportunity they need to convert

3. NURTURE RELATIONSHIPS: You’re not staying in their short-term memory bank and you aren't keeping them interested, your content isn't actually giving them value and staying relevant

4. CUSTOMER CONVERSION: You’re not giving them a tangible and clear action step so they don't know how to buy or it isn't clear what they are buying

Download the Free Blocked Buyer Diagnostic

Four steps to quickly pinpointing the reasons you're not converting

(and what to do about it!)

If you aren't converting leads into sales, most marketers with a traditional understanding of digital will tell you one of three things: 1) Your SEO isn't working, 2) Your website needs a redesign, or 3) You need to run ads to landing pages

Each of these sales tactics fails to look at the marketing funnel in its entirety...

I'll probably make a few people mad by saying this... but... bandaids can't fix cracks in the foundation. In other words, your digital marketing tactics will only work if your funnel is fully aligned with your brand and strategy.

There is a reason that your leads aren't converting to customers.

1.  You're not connecting with your leads on a belief level

As businesses, we have the idea that we can use marketing and information to help people make rational decisions. I'm going to smash that right now 👇

99% of decisions are made in the subconscious. In the primal and limbic brain. Basic needs and emotions drive decisions. Most of the time we don't even know that we are making a decision...

That's why it's easier to sell a product that solves a direct problem. For example, you aren't buying an SUV, you are buying an adventurous lifestyle... you aren't buying a minivan, you are buying protection for your family while on the road.

That's also why buyers become obsessed with certain brands - because those brands identify with their values and belief system. People don't buy things, they buy transformation and things that make them feel whole.

Brand & Message Alignment

The most effective marketing is simple. It communicates your why to the right who by understanding what they need and how they need it delivered.

That's exactly where brand and message come in... your Brand voice, identity, personality, and the story you tell... brand is the glue that connects your belief system with your customer... are you reaching the right audience? Are you communicating the right message? Is your offer the thing that they actually need?

2. You're not attracting enough sheer leads

The first and most important thing you can do in your marketing is to get visibility. You can have the most incredible product, clearly communicated on a beautiful website that tells an impactful story... but if your customers can't find you, then obviously they are never going to buy.

You have to start somewhere, and that somewhere - no matter who you are or what business you are in - starts at the top of the funnel.

The average local business needs at least 2,000 website visitors per month in order to start seeing results from their digital marketing. Most marketers who are serious about growth for their customers won't even start on funnel optimization until they see 2,000... 3,000 or more visitors to their website or landing pages.

Attracting Leads

The average landing page conversion rate is 5%. So, if you get 100 potential customers engaging with your content, and landing on the right page, only 5 of them will be converting. That doesn't factor in looky-loos, the buyer's journey, or the average time to buy per industry.

Are you positioning yourself so your customers can find you? Do you have the right tech stack in place? Are your leads warm enough when they find you so the conversion process is easy?

3. You're not staying in their short term memory bank

Can you remember the last commercial that you saw on TV? No? Me either...

Maybe there are specific brands that stand out in your mind who send you compelling content like... all the time. Or maybe there are even commercials that pop up in your memory because they were SO hilarious or compelling...

Consumers forget the majority of information they read or learn from brands within 3 days. They may not remember it at all if it's not relevant, they aren't given a good reason to remember it, or if there are other pieces of content competing for their attention.

So... if your leads don't convert like, immediately, then they need to be nurtured so that they can keep you top of mind, and be fed compelling content that addresses their pain points.

Nurturing Relationships

But nurturing your leads doesn't end with marketing alone... a good content marketing strategy outlives the marketing and sales cycle, and extends to customer experience, and company culture...

Does your marketing offer value? Are you nurturing your leads often and extending value to them throughout the entire process? Is your content centered by strategy and beliefs?

4. You're not giving them a tangible and clear action step

Are you giving your flying leads somewhere to land?

I recently had to email a company to figure out how to buy their product... it took me a few days to get what I needed, and the only reason I pursued it was because they were really my only option for the thing I needed...

But in all honesty, that was an anomaly. And if your action steps aren't crystal clear, your leads are going to do one of two things: 1) Find a competitor to buy from, or 2) Forget that they needed the thing, to begin with...

Customer Conversion

When it comes to giving your customers a Call to Action, there are some best practices that you should follow, there is a simple recipe that you can follow to increase your conversion rates...

  1. FAQ
  2. Guarantee
  3. Action Steps
  4. CTA button
  5. Phone number or Scheduling buttons

Is your Call to Action easy to see and find? Are you explaining what your customer is buying clearly and simply? Did you satisfy their questions and objections? Are you offering any kind of promise or guarantee?

Tying it all together & taking action

Every business that is serious about growth gains momentum by having consistent and aligned marketing that leads to warm leads and buyers. They have a strategy, and it aligns with a belief system.

But throwing money at different ideas and tactics, hoping and praying something will work... it's going to burn out your team and push away your buyer.

And there may be more than one gap in your marketing strategy.

You can quickly diagnose the problems on your own with our blocked buyer diagnostic.

But you’re far better off getting a Conversion Compass audit, identifying the exact problem areas that are blocking your buyers from making a purchase, and getting clear direction on how to fix it so you can build that steady stream of incredible new customers that you need and want.
Conversion Compass Audit

Hi! Welcome to Reclaim. I'm Jennifer Bailey and I partner with entrepreneurs who have massive ideas that could change the world.

Most marketing is meaningless. Filled with empty promises, its only job is to bring in new traffic, new leads and new customers.

But I've drawn a line in the sand, and I've learned that marketing can do so much more than reach business goals and build profit. My methods give businesses the fire and soul they need to reach the right people, set the groundwork for sustainable relationships, and offer true value to the people on both the giving and receiving ends of marketing.

If you want to learn to own up, take control of your future, and reclaim your marketing, schedule your conversion audit session with me. I'll show you how to get there.